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José Andrés' Takes on Spain’s Culinary Scene with His Daughters in New Trailer

José Andrés' Takes on Spain’s Culinary Scene with His Daughters in New Trailer

José Andrés' Takes on Spain's Culinary Scene with His Daughters in New Trailer

It’s been a big year for chef José Andrés, who announced plans for his dream restaurant earlier this year. Now, right before the end of the year comes to a close, fans of his are in for yet another treat.

If you’ve ever dreamed of traversing the beautiful country of Spain with Andrés as your tour guide (I know I certainly have), your dreams are about to come true with a new series from the famed chef and humanitarian. Announced by Discovery+, the new series, José Andrés and Family in Spain, will feature Andrés and his three American-raised daughters — Carlota, Inés, and Lucia Andrés — as they travel through the chef’s homeland.

Delivered in six episodes, the series will follow the family through Barcelona & Catalonia, Cordoba & Andalusia, Valencia, Madrid, Asturias, and the volcanic island of Lanzarote off the coast of Africa as they go on an epic gastronomic adventure. Together, the family dives deep into the delicious food culture of Spain and throughout the episodes, they will be joined by local food experts, chefs, and old friends who will take them through the country’s vast culinary scene.

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José Andrés and Family in Spain will premiere on December 27 on Discovery+ and is produced by Nutopia and José Andrés Media. You can check out the beautifully shot, mouth-watering official trailer below. 

If the end of December is too long of a wait, you can check out the chef’s National Geographic documentary We Feed People. The documentary is available to stream on Disney+ and follows the famed chef and his non-profit as they help rebuild and provide food to nations in need.

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